About Charlotte Lane Fox

clf3With over 30 years of experience in interior design, there is very little that I have not seen and very little that I have not done. My parents were both at the forefront of their professions in interiors and gardens so I was born and bred into a world of design. At the age of 18, I spent two years working at Colefax and Fowler before my mother threw me onto my first building site.

From that moment on I have faced and conquered many different challenges as an interior designer, all from which I have gained the confidence and skill to work on any project, residential or commercial, large or small. My experience over the years has undoubtedly shaped the versatility of my style as I have seen fashion come and go. Whether it is a classically-styled hotel or a contemporarily-styled London flat, I am determined to deliver a project clients will be proud to call their own.

I have an excellent team of skilled craftsmen behind me, all of whom understand my insistence on quality and the need to deliver on time and within budget. This ethos has shaped my reputation alongside my brilliant efficiency and organisation skills. Whether it is the inception of an idea or the completion of a major project or even simply, the positioning of a cushion, I always give my undivided time and attention. 85% of my business is from returning clients, all of whom would be prepared to provide a reference.